Master Baker, Julia Maidman, is delighted to share her art of baking with you. Her devotion to cooking focuses on cookies, breads and a few surprise holiday creations. Her desire is to bake us happy. Julia is a delightful autistic young lady who has been fortunate to have the support of friends and family. With their support she has found her calling in the kitchen. Some have even said that she has, “golden hands.” Hello Julia is a testament that we can all achieve our dreams, and to ensure she is passing along her blessing she donates a portion of her proceeds to charity! So not only do you get to enjoy a great treat, your purchase gives back to the community.

Julia was interested in cooking at a young age helping her mother bake for the family, but her interest peaked when she was given a cooking class for her sweet sixteen. Three wonderful ladies who believed in her, and had tried some of her treats, started her on this journey.  A path that led her to train with acclaimed chef Tarek Elias for 4 years. They are now like family to each other, sharing their creations with all those who love great food. Her summers were spent baking her treats at COFFEED. Patrons would eagerly buy up her latest creations, always wondering when more were coming. Her job coach, Abe King, was always amazed by her talents and pushed her to share her gift of cooking with others. She gives him much of the credit for the creation of Hello Julia. Two years ago, Julia and Coach King partnered for Autism awareness month and baked and sold over 7,000 dozen oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies. All of the proceeds, thousands of dollars, were donated to NEXT for Autism and Community Mainstreaming. Julia has proudly been making and delivering special orders and gifts to friends and lucky customers. Always giving back, she donates her goodies to fundraising gift bags and events. She truly wants her customers to eat, enjoy, and be happy. Julia continues to take classes to keep current and creative. She dreams up new recipes everyday. You, too, can be fortunate enough to share in these scrumptious treats while empowering young adults with disabilities to fulfill their potential. Until you try these, you don’t know what you’re missing!