“I hired Julia for my daughter’s birthday party. My daughter had very specific requests as far as what she wanted. Julia made it happen and created the most beautiful looking and delicious tasting cake. To top it off, she made her cookies which we had before and are completely out of this world!!!! We absolutely love Julia and her culinary masterpieces.” — Lorie Simaee

“Julia’s oatmeal cookies are truly unlike any I've had before—and I’m an oatmeal cookie connoisseur! It is impossible to just eat one; your hand will keep dipping back in for more. Julia’s cookies have a great crunch to them, but aren't too sweet, the downfall of many oatmeal cookies. I also want to mention the terrific packaging—a festive tin box that I have kept and reuse in my kitchen.” — Samantha Brous

“It is always a treat to receive cookies and baked goods from (Hello) Julia...not only are her desserts always yummy, fresh and beautifully presented, they are made from the heart and nothing tastes more delicious than that!” — Carol Hanover

I am never disappointed when I receive an order from Julia’s Cookies. They are outstanding!! Whatever flavor I choose-they are delicious.” — Jonathan S. West

“I have been very fortunate to know Julia and experience her baking for many years. She makes the most incredible and delicious cakes and cookies. My family looks forward to Julia’s creations. They can’t wait for me to bring more goodies home.” — Debbie Reich

“One of my favorite things to hear is that Julia baked me something special! Each time she bakes something it is done with precise attention to detail and crafted with care for the person she makes it for. You can taste the love in every bite. Now that I can order her baked goods online means that I can have more of her delicious items. What truly sets Julia’s creations apart from the rest is that you know it was made with creativity, love, and with determination to make it the best cookie or cake but most importantly to make the recipient happy. I can’t wait to see more and more enjoy Julia's creations!” — Benjamin Weiner

“The last thing Julia baked for me was a pecan pie that i can say was the best pie i haveever had. The thanks in thanksgiving goes to Julia. The pie was the hit of the dinner and I know that no matter the situation or event anything baked by Julia will be the winner. Her passion can be tasted in each bite. No matter the dish Julia puts 100% into it and makes you taste the love in each bite. Whatever the occasion i rely on one common denominator to make it a success, a baked good by Julia.” — Gail Weiner

“Julia’s passion and love for baking and cooking shines through in everything she makes! Her chocolate chip cookies and chocolate sugar cookies (my favorite) are melt-in-your-mouth delicious, making for a perfect sweet snack or gift for someone special!” — Lauren Edwards

“Julia these are the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever tasted!! I might eat the whole box right now. So amazing. Great job!! — Rich Jr.

“Julia's Cookies are a cherished tradition in our family. They also make thoughtful gifts for our friends and loved ones who appreciate both the delicious home baked goodies and the deeper story behind them, as the cookies are made with love by an inspiring and talented young baker—Julia.” — Alessandra Weiner

“I wish to share with you how lucky you would be to receive Julia’s cookies. They are beautifully presented in tins and when you open the tin, your sense of smell will invite you to take your first bite. I have enjoyed holiday cookies, macaroons, chocolate chip cookies and lots of other delicious treats! Don’t hesitate to place an order!!! — Wendy Levine